General Information

As far as possible patients will be seen at their allocated appointment time however it is not always possible to stick rigidly to these times as the nature of medical work is such that some patients have complex conditions that take a little longer to sort out. We hope you will understand if you have to wait a little longer but please remember that one day either you or a member of your family may need extra time.

The practices aim to treat all patients with courtesy and respect and in return expects patients to treat the practice staff likewise. These practices abide by the NHS code of conduct and has a zero tolerance towards abusive or violent patients, who will be removed from the practice list and may be reported to the Police for further action.

NECS employed pharmacists / technicians

As part of our work to ensure your safety and the medication that you might take now or in the future, NECS employed pharmacists or technicians may access your records for the purpose of optimising medication. Please be assured that only practice authorised staff will do this work and that none of your details will ever be shared outside of the National Health Service.

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